Ask how we can turn your pool from Green to Clean.

Often, we are called in when pool water has turned various shades of green. Sometimes pools have been left without proper maintenance for a long period because the homeowners were away or even because of an illness. Neglect, chemical imbalance, pollen and the decomposition of tree and lawn debris are the primary culprits.

  • If the pool is merely light green or yellow on the wall and floor surfaces, we can often balance the chemicals and knock out the algae. In under ten days we can turn your pool Misty Blue.
  • In more serious cases where you can barely see the pool steps, a more comprehensive set of actions will include cleaning the filter after shocking the pool and using the proper algaecide. Then by balancing the chemicals, and perhaps cleaning the filter multiple times we return your pool to Misty Blue.
  • In the most severe instances where you cannot see below the surface, or the pool is infested with snakes, tadpoles and frogs, it may be necessary to drain, acid wash and pressure wash the pool walls and floor. Following a complete cleanout, the filtration system needs to be thoroughly cleaned as well. After refilling the pool, we balance the chemicals and keep your pool Misty Blue.

Whatever the condition of your in-ground pool, we are happy to offer a free analysis and a remediation plan. There is never a charge for this initial visit from Misty Blue Pool Services.

Misty Blue Pool Services offers:

  • One Time, Weekly, and Scheduled Service
  • Check Filters, Settings and Equipment for Proper Operations
  • Brush down Walls
  • Skim Debris from Surface
  • Vacuum Debris from Bottom of the Pool when Necessary
  • Clean out Skimmer Basket and Pump Strainer Basket
  • Test Pool Water for Cleanliness and pH Levels
  • Adjust Chemicals when Necessary
  • Clean Filters and Replace when Necessary
  • Clean Salt Cells
  • Clean Pool’s Filtration System
  • Deep Cleaning to Remove Algae
  • Acid Washing

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